The sensor installation is the first operational step. The sensor type depends on the etch or deposition chamber type. The sensors are manufactured using the same material (alloy) as used for the process chamber and the surface is anodized (or coated with Y2O3). Commonly the sensor is qualified in the equipment using normal tool qualification procedures, like particle test, metal contamination test, etch rate test, and parameters of the main product.

The chamber must be down and properly vented before the sensor will be mounted. The sensor can be mounted during a preventive maintenance (wet clean).   
The plasma metrology system Hercules® uses a special sensor in a coaxial geometry (50 Ohms). The sensor head mounted flat in the chamber wall replacing view parts of the chamber; no changes at the chamber are necessary. The sensor behaves like a virtual part of the wall. The sensor head is grounded and so it does not influence the plasma or process conditions. The sensor behaves like a virtual part of the wall. The sensor measures RF current only, there is no influence of polymer ot other thin insulating layers on the measurement. The voltage between the chamber wall and the sensor electrode is less than 100 mV. 
Disassembling of sensor or parts leads to loss of warranty immediately. Please
follow the instructions below:
  • Use the original SMA-BNC sensor cable only and do not extend it.
  • Take care that sensor and sensor cable keep distance to RF power cables to avoid an electromagnetic interference.
The sensor catalog will be updated periodically.

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