Service and Consulting offered by Plasmetrex

Our Technical Base

Our Strengths

As competent RF specialists we use a lot of high end RF measurement equipment to find solutions for any kind of RF issues. With the experience and knowledge of the physical processes in the plasma Plasmetrex has earned an exceptional reputation internationally and is a recognized partner for many companies.

RF issues
  • Alternative RF generator synchronization
  • Extension of matchbox range
  • Peak voltage measurement

ESC (bipolar, anodized and bonded ceramics)

  • Clamping force reduction due to aging
    (increased He leak 
  • Wafer damaging
  • Wafer sticking
  • Mature model of bipolar ESCs characterization and aging state
  • Real time with additional measurement hardware - FDC
  • Off-line characterization – aging state
  • Refurbishment with competence partners
ICP source characterization for
uniformity improvement and chamber matching
  • Assessment of the coil design
  • RF component model - RF losses
  • Creation of an RF equipment model
  • Magnetic field strength mapping magnetic flux at operating frequency
RF chamber matching
  • Chamber component description via RF equipment model
  • Electrode system incl. ESC
  • Source

Experience at

Applied Materials
  • DPS Poly
  • DPS DT
  • DPS metal
  • MxP, eMxP+, Super e, ...
  • PreClean II
  • IMP
  • TxZ
Lam incl Novelus
  • Exelan
  • TCP9400 SE/PTX/DFM
  • TCP9600 SE/PTX
  • 442X, 4520

  • Sequel
Trkon / Aviza / SPTS
  • CSE, HSE
  • Omega 201
  • Delta 201