DATA ANALYSIS by HercViewer and HercLotViewer

Plasmetrex offers two different process analysis tools with the Plasma Metrology System Hercules® :

HercViewer 3.0

HercLotViewer 2.6

HercLot Viewer

The main new features are:

  • Detailed process and lot analysis
  • First wafer effects
  • Process instabilities
  • Process excursions (arcing)
  • Process influence after process mix (memory effects)
  • Chamber status while conditioning procedure
  • Process comparison by reference curve
  • Improved step-wise analysis


The main new features are:

  • Drift and instabilities within a lot or a wet clean cycle
  • Step-wise analysis
  • First wafer effects
  • Process influence after process change (memory effects)
  • Chamber and recipe comparison
  • Pre-selection of the valid process length before loading data files
  • Second parameter is shown additionally
  • Time resolved curves and extended export function
  • Diagrams ready for presentation

Dear Customers,

enclosed please find the new release
of HercView (3.0).
For download (9 MB) please click here: HercView

Please contact Plasmetrex GmbH for the new version of HercLotViewer.


All commants are desired.