Main Functionality:

The Hercules® Master is the standard Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Hercules® Plasma Monitoring Systems for configuration and data visualization. It can run on any PC with network connection to the Hercules® systems and can provide also additional features as a process data base.

The Hercules® Master collects data from various Hercules® sensors, up to 6 chambers.

Main Applications:

  • Process control through plasma parameters
  • Chamber matching
  • Fault detection by plasma parameters
  • Optimization of conditioning
  • Process development


HSMS/SECS interface:
  • The HSMS/SECSII interface enables the data exchange with the fab host. It provides logistical data (Lot Id, Wafer Id, recipe, etc.) from the host to Hercules® and sensor data (plasma parameter) to the host. 
  • This option can be also used for the connection of Hercules® with a fab-wide FDC/SPC or APC solution.
Process Data Base (storage module):
  • The storage module can be installed on Hercules® or on a separate PC connected to Hercules via TCP.
  • The process data base stores plasma data in a file based data base.
  • The sensor data can be selected by the logistical data (if available). 

The Master includes Plasmetrex' superior off-line data analysis software
HercView for detailed lot control and HercLotView for long term process stability.
Effective software for collecting data to meet Standards of Quality Management, for example ISO/TS 16949.